KEY O Orgasm Gel for Women 15ml

Key o orgasm gel for women 0.5oz, shop for female sexual enhancers for at StAppeal online with Discreet Package & Free Shipping

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KEY O Orgasm Gel 15ml
Product code:08A0381
- Effective orgasm gel in a travel-friendly bottle for intensified sensations
- Water-based formula contains arginine and menthol for delicious tingles
- Apply to your clitoris or labia 10 minutes before play
- In a pump-action bottle for easy application
- Use it to accessorise solo play, foreplay and sex
- Results may vary
- Colors:White
- Size: 0.5 ounce

Take those orgasms from mmmm to ooooh! with KEY O's orgasm gel. Rub a dab of the arginine and menthol infused formula into your clitoris and labia to help enhance sensation and maximise your climax potential during solo play and sex.

Non-tacky, water-based and formulated to give your intimate pleasure a jolly good boost in the right direction, the climax gel for women really is a must-have essential for all bedside drawers and handbags alike.

In a handy pump-action bottle, application is a no-brainer. Simply pump out a little blob of the non-greasy gel and apply it to your clitoris or labia 10 minutes before play for pleasurable tingles aplenty.

Results may vary

Warning: In order to avoid possible intolerance, first patch test the product on your forearm. do not use is an allergic reaction occurs. Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray on open wounds.

Wash&keep Method:
1.Kept in the shade
2.Private things,no multi-users.
3.Stay away from Children
4.Prohibit minors from buying
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